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The Sgraffiato Re-love Project 2023: see how old tech goes glam

The Vinted of the art world. From ancient cave mark-making, graphic scratches have expressed our worlds for millennia on stone, plaster and ceramic. Made chic in Renaissance Italy, I’ve rejigged the gist. I love the idea of breathing new life and purpose into found and un-loved things. Take two-tone salt-fired stoneware crocks, the innovative, waterproof, but dull looking C19th refrigerators - and transform into something fabulous, useful and loved. Combining sgraffiato and drawing, parts of the original glazes are revealed to honour the original in a new light for of a kind lamps and groovy jugs. Next stop the revamp of Victorian chimney pots.

With new ceramics being so carbon intensive with firing and energy prices so high, the low-carbon salt-glaze refrigerator may come into its own again.

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