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Upcoming Exhibitions

Hidden Spire Collective, Old Fire Station, Oxford Date to be announced 

Wootton by Woodstock Christmas Craft Fair December 2023 


Jen Loewi Adams

 I'm a visual artist joining the dots between people, places and things 

a way of connecting stories of time and experience with energy and zing.

Drawing and illustrating across two and three dimensions, I transform and breathe new purpose and vivacity onto forgotten objects and old surfaces. From C19th un-loved salt-glazed stone ware jugs and terracotta chimney pots to 1960's easels and broken Edwardian card tables as well as old card and throw-away packaging, I use these patinaed surfaces to capture the energy of a moment today and make it sing -  celebrating today without losing the spirit of the original. 

In between, I rapid sketch, scratch and mark-make the people, patterns and funny stories I see around me every day. 

I'm working on some great new projects such as the Sgraffiato project and a New Rituals community project with Oxford Spires.

I'd love to collaborate with you too!- drop me a line and let's chat. 


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